Professional Adjustable Weight kettlebell 2-5kg

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Name:Adjustable Kettle Bell

Model number: MK2001-12LB

Material: PP, solidified sand

Adjust weight: instantly adjust 5, 8, 9, 12lbs



1*Adjustable Kettle Bell


Picture showing





01. Exercise waist, back and buttocks muscles, especially for biceps femoris stimulation
02. Hold the kettlebell to press upwards to exercise the shoulder and leg muscles, which is also a good training for the core strength of the waist and abdomen
03. Hold the kettlebell and push upwards and join the movement of rotating the wrist
04. Compared with push-ups on flat ground, kettlebell push-ups can make your body dive deeper and exercise better
05. Not only need the abdominal muscles to have strong strength, but also have a good training effect on the external oblique muscles through rotation
06. The legs can be opened wider, squat deeper, and safer at the same time. It is very suitable for multiple times of shaping training
07. It can increase the strength of the legs, and it also has a good stimulating effect on the front shoulders. With the swing of the body, the waist and abdomen become the core of controlling the stability of the body